Should My Company Be a Tradeshow Participant?

tradeshow-contemplationWhen considering participation in a trade show the first question you need to ask is – “Is it worth it?”  To help determine that answer you need to ask yourself several questions. What is the goal of participation?  Brand awareness, gathering of more contact names?  These are good goals but what is the cost to reach those goals?  Is a tradeshow the way to go about it?

To help you with these answers you need to determine what is the cost of the tradeshow?  Aside from the cost to participate,  include your travel expenses, materials you will need to set up a display, and giveaways. All these need to be figured into your cost.  Once you know that figure you can determine if it is a good investment.

Take the total cost of the show, let’s say that it is $6000.  What is your average margin on a project?  If that is 20%, then you have to sell or produce $30,000 in revenue to cover that cost.  To further evaluate if participating in a tradeshow is right for you check this article from bizhub.  They offer 5 key reasons tradeshows can benefit businesses.

When you’ve decided you want to move forward with tradeshow participation, give us a shout at Identity, we can help you with everything from display setups to effective giveaway shwag!

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